Starting Points is committed to providing a healthy learning environment.  We do this by:
- Teachers use correct hand washing techniques and teach these techniques to the children
- Personal Health strategies are taught to the children
- Regular sanitizing of toys and equipment
- Regular sanitizing of tables and changing areas
- Menus follow USDA and Gold Sneaker guidelines
- Sick Policy enforced to limit the spread of germs and illnesses
- Teaching the Tennessee Personal Safety Curriculum


Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers must turn in the Tennessee Department of Health Certificate of Immunization prior to enrollment. Children under thirty months must have a well-baby check within the last three months.


Parents should inform the center of any and all allergies.  These allergies are posted in each classroom and in the kitchen. We work closely with families to meet the needs of children with allergies.


Starting Points does not administer medication to children with the exception of breathing treatments and emergency allergy medication. This should be taken into consideration when medicine is being prescribed by your doctor.

Release of Children

Parents must provide a list of people allowed to pick up their child/children.  No child will be permitted to leave the school with anyone other than the parent/guardian or parent designee on the application form/emergency card.  Parent designees must show photo identification before a child can be released.
Children must be in age appropriate car seats.